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Triplay AI travel planning

See how easy to make up a travel plan

What else we can do?

To help you plan the perfect trip for you

  • AI optimizing the route

    Customized itinerary and hidden gems

    Craft a one-of-a-kind travel plan tailored to your preferences. Alongside a list of well-known attractions like museums, parks, and monuments, you’ll also receive exclusive choices.
    Unlock alternative destinations that perfectly cater to your unique requirements.

  • Easily include more points in your itinerary

    Your route is not confined to places that align with your interests. You can swiftly add any location from the map to your route or manually input the name of the place, and Triplay will automatically reorganize the points based on geodata.

    adding new location from a map
  • personalized travel planner

    Effortlessly rearrange destinations in your itinerary

    Using drag & drop functionality, you can easily organize your daily plans with flexibility. Simply manually adjust the order of your visited locations. The map will display the locations arranged in the most efficient sequence.